Lean Six Sigma for Media Organizations

A Content Connect Initiative White Paper. Download the White Paper About the White Paper In 2022, a Content Connect Initiative (CCI) survey revealed a considerable potential for media organizations to make more data-driven decisions and connect their supply chains better. In ‘The Transformation of TV: Industry Perspectives on the Road to 2030’,...


“The company culture has to change first.”

Aksel van der Wal
Board member

Aksel van der Wal, member of the MEDIAGENIX board, discusses how media companies, large and small, need to evolve their business models to respond to changes in consumer behaviour. He also discusses the implications for operational processes and the convergence of broadcast and linear workflows.


“AVOD is the right direction to travel.”

Ian Whittaker
The Project X Institute

“AVOD is the right direction to travel for broadcaster streaming services." Ian Whittaker, Media/MarTech/Tech Analyst, about the performance of commercial broadcasters during the pandemic, the impact of streaming on the broadcasting industry, the broadcaster streaming services, and the immediate future of the marketplace.