Webinar: Has TV’s Digital Transformation Only Just begun?

On 19 January 2023 at 16:00 CET/15:00 UTC. Watch live or later.

As a follow-up to the CCI white paper “The Transformation of TV. Industry Perspectives on the Road to 2030”, the CCI and MEDIAGENIX organize a webinar on the future of TV in the age of streaming, “Has TV’s Digital Transformation Only Just Begun?”

TV is being transformed, transitioning into a multi-platform video market – a more competitive, challenging and fragmented landscape for video services. But how much further does the streaming revolution have to run? Will the 2020s see further dramatic changes or a slowdown in the digital revolution? What might the market look like in 2030 – and what do today’s TV companies need to do today to get fit for the digital future?

Join a line-up of industry experts and senior executives to discuss the future of TV in the age of streaming and the digital priorities for TV companies, as they look to transform their operations and supply chains during the 2020s.

Join us for the entire 90 minutes or for a part.

Part 1: What’s the future of TV?

Panel discussion on four scenarios for 2030, with Christy Tanner, Emily Horgan, and Ian Whittaker. Moderator: Jon Watts.

Part 2: Are broadcast and streaming workflows converging?

Fireside talk with Aksel van der Wal on the implications for the content supply chain.

Part 3: Are media companies unlocking the full potential of digital transformation?

Panel discussion on two key indices: Data-driven Decisioning and Content Connectivity, with Matthew Westrup, Ivan Verbesselt, and other media industry experts (to be confirmed soon). Moderator: Jon Watts.

Register here for the live attendance or for the recording afterwards.

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