The Transformation of TV – Industry Perspectives on the Road to 2030

A Content Connect Initiative White Paper.

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    About the White Paper

    Developments during the 2010s have fundamentally changed the TV market, lowering barriers to entry, and stimulating investment and innovation. In response, TV companies, broadcasters, and programmers have invested in digitally transforming their operations and supply chains and in rolling out streaming services and advanced advertising offerings.

    How will the market develop during the 2020s? Views vary significantly, with executives identifying a range of constraining factors that could limit the potential for further change – but there are also potentially disruptive developments that could lead to very different outcomes by 2030.

    In this white paper, the Content Connect Initiative explores perspectives on the key factors set to shape the industry during the decade ahead and a set of future scenarios for the market in 2030.  A constant in all is that TV companies will need to complete their digital transformations, modernizing their operations and supply chains to unlock the full potential of streaming and advanced advertising, if they are to remain relevant and competitive in 2030.

    The white paper also includes expert contributions from leading industry executives, Christy Tanner, Mike Darcey, Ian Whittaker, and Emily Horgan, exploring developments in the US market, the evolution of streaming, the prospects for Europe’s commercial broadcasters, and the future of kids TV.